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Last Friday, if we answered the phone, you may have heard some road noise, snoring, or the satisfying crunch of Corn Nuts® behind the wise design advice you were given. We weren’t absconding with your design files or avoiding that deadline—we needed a break from the rigors of sitting down all day. The Fuzzco retreat (aka Super Cuddle) had commenced; and if you didn’t catch the tweets, instagrams, and pokes we managed to release into the interwebs from a lakeside cabin without reception, here’s a summary of what happened:

We arrived at our Lake Nantahala castle Friday afternoon just in time to catch a swim, jenga, build a potato cannon, and enjoy pizza by the fire. Things got serious with a great group discussion about exciting new projects, learning new things, expanding our collective skill set and various other deep, philosophical topics. At least 2/3 of our wine (and 1/4 lb of our gummy Gumbys and Pokeys (thanks Sweeteeth!)) was gone before 9:00 pm. The night ended with hot cider, shooting star/milky way gazing and making echoes on the pier while trying to stay warm in our shorts. Someone opened the Fireball.

Saturday started early with jogs and yoga for a couple of us while the rest groggily made fire and sat. The bagels were delicious. Everyone instagrammed the fog on the glassy lake at least once. #morningview. We tried to plan some capture the flag but decided that the hills were better for hiking. We tested the potato cannon. Seven second hang time. Many played games on the floor or spottily caught up on emails (we’re only human) or made long-distance calls to their lovers with the land line. We hiked through leaves and dog sh*t on the apple orchard trail. None of the hunters talked to us, but their dogs were friendly. The temperatures were perfect so some of us ran down once we reached the top. The orange leaves and our smokey flannels from the night before were the perfect autumn aroma cocktail. We all finally agreed that Butter was not the best color for our skin-types. We went home and took naps. We shot the cannon more. We smelled the hot tub and avoided the rash and some hail. We tried to figure out how to catch a flying potato. We warmed up with the best grilled cheese sandwiches any of us had ever had (butter + shredded cheese). #yum. We took the Myers Briggs personality test and had some more serious talks about our results. None of us are “sensing.” Everyone had their moment, up on a step stool, receiving praise for their hard work and general wonderfulness. We made a great list of the things we wanted to try and things we wanted to learn. We tasted scotch from all four regions of Scotland. We made more fires and had tacos. We all had seconds. The guac was first to go. We made s’mores and played Euchre. We all fell asleep watching Stand By Me.

Sunday we woke, sore from the previous day’s thrills, perhaps sad knowing that it was all over before we all had the chance to see a shooting star. Surely, though, we were a little bit closer than when we got there. Maybe it was the wrestling for spoons or the becoming familiar with each others’ natural scents that brought us together. Or maybe the innocent drunken laughs or matching canker sores. Or maybe the smell and taste of the basement. And though we maybe disagreed on what we enjoyed the most, we all agreed: the retreat was just what we needed. Even when you work with your greatest friends (#bff) you gotta take a break and look at your business, clients, and office mojo from the mountain tops (literally). Get away from the cellular network, away from the screens, and instead of reading emails, listen to people talk about their career dreams and business plans. We did, and we descended more enlightened, more motivated, and more closer.

To conclude, #awesome. Can’t wait until next year.

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