We have a special place in our hearts for Coast Brewing Company. They’ve worked so hard and done so much to advance the local beer culture all the while making delicious, high quality beer. They also happen to be some of the most hardworking, genuine folks you’ll meet.

We recently designed merchandise to promote their latest project, the Coast Brewery Expansion. Read all about it here. There are only 30 days left to help fund the expansion of their entire brewing system so get on it!

This excerpt from the funding page really hits home for us so we thought we’d share:

When we first had the notion to open our own brewery in 2003, we said we would only do it if we could do it our way. We even had to change some laws to make it worth it (6% alcohol cap, no tastings or sales at brewery etc., see southcarolinabeer.org) Some of those tenets were (and still are) that the environment comes first! Followed closely by social and moral obligations. To all people involved, from manufacturers and consumers to our employees.

To be blunt, this means no Chinese equipment. For both human rights and quality issues, we made this choice early on. Really easy decision except when it comes to price. Non-Chinese sourced or manufactured equipment is easily double the amount (and when your talking doubling 100’s of 1,000’s of $$$’s, not gonna lie, it stings). However, we’ve made the decision and we’re sticking to it.  We want the brewery to be an extension of our life. Therefore, organic grains are just as important.

Sustainability in every sense of the word is our main goal.  We want to continue to be stewards in our community, both as a business model as well as fostering organizations and events that align with those ideals. Simply put we strive to be conscious and present in our lives and business.

Here are a handful of things we made that you can get when you give:




Koozies and Pint Glasses