We’re honored to be included in Charleston City Paper’s Freshman 15 lineup. Congratulations to the paper on its well-earned milestone.

When Jonathan Sanchez profiled upstart design firm Fuzzco for City Paper‘s year-end double issue back in 2006, he wrote, “They look like they’re newly hatched from some kind of emo egg.” At that point, Helen Rice and Josh Nissenboim were working out of the recently opened 10 Storehouse Row, and though they’d only been around a couple of years, they’d already amassed an impressive client base. Nowadays, you can find them and their growing staff working out of a sleek renovated storefront in Cannonborough, and you can also see evidence of their design work everywhere from Westbrook Brewing to the Kickin’ Chicken to the Charleston County School District. They’ve moved into the national realm as well, with work for e-Harmony and Zynga, and their super stylish digs earned them a feature in Dwell magazine. As their work spreads, Fuzzco continues to give a fresh face to the local design community. —Erica Jackson Curran

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