We truly enjoyed working with Dotted Line Communications on their new website and laughed when we read their review of working with us:

On day one, co-founder Josh Nissenboim made it abundantly clear that the site needed to be first priority. Okay, maybe not FIRST every single day, but damn near the top. He and our project manager, Caleb, gave us STRICT deadlines, and were clear that they were not to be missed. As Brian said “Caleb’s great, but he’ll ride your ass.” And, he did. And, we love him and the Fuzzco team for it. Fuzzco took the decision-making out of our hands (YES! This is EXACTLY what I needed! We don’t know enough about web fonts to be driving the font selection process!). They were abundantly creative, uber-timely, and kept a fair degree of humor alive when I tried to slip into my neurotic tendencies.

We love our new baby and we have Fuzzco to thank.

Read the entire post and see the site: Dotted Line Communications