Goes to Work (http://goestowork.com/) is a suite of internal management tools that allow companies in the creative space (designers, developers, architects, etc) to better organize themselves. It includes time tracking, time reporting, project scheduling, resource management and note sharing. It’s lightweight, smart and user friendly.

I’ve spent a greater percentage of my life on Goes to Work than any other project and it’s been an exercise in evolution and refinement. We’ve been using the app internally at Fuzzco for years and it’s really helped us improve communication and coordination.

I got to work on the application with some really brilliant and incredible people. The biggest of thanks goes out to Helen Rice, who helped shape the concept and the interface; Dirk Gadsden, my engineer and systems admin from day one; Brandon Oxendine, who worked with me closely on establishing the UI; Melanie Richards for pushing the UI further; Ryan Gonzalez for jumping into the codebase like a warrior; and the rest of the crew at Fuzzco for using it, giving feedback and brains to the application and the experience. See the work.