We recently had the pleasure of working with Jim Martin to develop the brand and website for his emerging business Compost in my shoe. Jim is an expert horticulturist and offers everything from individually crafted boxes of edibles delivered to your door to garden coaching to lessons and lectures. The vegetables he grows are the most beautiful vegetables we’ve ever seen. He’s also talking about renting bee boxes and offering deliveries of chocolate, eggs, flowers etc.

We highly recommend engaging Jim as your garden coach. We’re working with him to clean, arrange and develop our yard at home- something that we’re looking forward to living in rather than occasionally visiting. He’s going to be blogging about the experience which should be funny and probably embarrassing (for us). Here are some ‘before’ images of the yard:

Can you tell we love Compost in my shoe? It’s smart, fun and delicious and we can’t get enough. See the work.