We’d be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed.

Fuzzco’s love for cruel and inhuman dictatorships is so great that any missed opportunity to design for a soul-crushing government makes us sad. The recent redesign of North Korea’s official website has been a sore point since its launch.

But when we discovered last week that the site that seeks to make the denial of personal liberties look like a trip to Big Rock Candy Mountain was built on a generic $15 WordPress template, we shed bitter tears.

To all present and future rulers planning to drink $720,000 worth of Hennessy in a single yearstarving and imprisoning their people while eating lobster in a personal armored train: Fuzzco can do a better job.

So Kim Jong-un, if you want to follow in the false-image-projecting footsteps of your father, if you want to show the world that you’re truly “a great person born of heaven”, let Fuzzco show you the way.

P.S. This blog is my favorite thing about North Korea that’s ever appeared on the Internet. It’s a train-crazy Austrian’s tale of his not-quite-legal rail journey from Vienna all the way to the heart of the Hermit Kingdom.