Beer, fist fights, foot-long hot dogs, pretzels and an arts and crafts hour. One of those probably doesn’t match up, but it can, and does in our world. Last year the Fuzzcos drove north, to the Charleston Convention Center, to watch the South Carolina Stingrays smart the Gwinnett Gladiators, with an epic 3-2 win. I’ve been archiving photos from my iPhone and came across some beauties, which prove a unity of arts and crafts and pure testosterone.

For most of us, this was our first Stingrays game, but Mason and I already knew we were their biggest fans; we just didn’t have jerseys.

Step 1 to Becoming a Number 1 Fan: The Template Study

Mason cutting, oh-so-delicately, our blue felt base

Fast-forward all the cutting, and add lightning and jewels for electricity. (We would have sewn everything, but hot glue saves time)

Three minutes into the game and a fist fight electrifies our lightning and jewels.

N1SFFL (Number 1 Stingray Fans For Lyfe)