Like many in our office, Mason has succumbed to the lure of attractive professional eyewear. As luck would have it, staring at the computer all day has put a strain on his peepers causing a slight case of myopia (just enough so that he can focus on obtaining a handsome new pair of glasses).

Before going any further, it should be noted that 2011 has been the year of Mason’s amazing luck. He has entered and won a laundry list of exciting prizes including pizza, drinks, male enhancement medication, baby burgers and even points toward a plane ticket. OK we made one of those up. However, we were not surprised when he announced that he’d been chosen to receive a free pair of glasses this morning.

In his words: “I got a note which reads ‘SURPRISE! These glasses are FREE!’ Just like that. My true love, Warby Parker, gave me prescription/polycarbonate/antireflective glasses. But not only this, they also donated a pair to a person in need. Possibly someone with actual vision problems. Bless you, Warby.”