From time to time we get involved in projects that we just believe in and we work with our peers to create and to be a part of.

Personal Projects

La Wine Agency

La Wine is a wine company whose focus is to produce great wine for entry level wine drinkers. The company is comprised of Brad Ball of Social Restaurant and Nicki and Harry Root of Grassroots Distributors.


We are proud to announce that we are partnering with mixologist Brooks Reitz and Jason Stanhope of FIG to concept and produce an occasional eatery called Pigeon. The meals will be conceptual – from blindfolded dining to meticulously controlled bites to cinematic themed courses.

Content and Candor

Content & Candor is an Interior Finery Company in Charleston, SC. Interior Finery is our way of talking about Branding and Interior Design.

How Low Can Your Logo

How Low Can Your Logo? We were testing your capacity to willingly create that which you spend your entire life trying not to create: the worst logo ever. Participants had the chance to conjure up design demons from the darkest nether regions of their inner world and be purged of them forever.

Helen and Josh Sitting in a Tree

A non-traditional wedding invitation for our very own Helen and Josh. Choose your own adventure style thank you videos were filmed and programmed for friends and family who attended the event.