Fuzzco’s 100% person-based operation consists of designers, programmers and problem-solvers combining elbow grease, guts and resourcefulness to improve the quality of life for our clients and our clients’ clients alike.

The Church of Fuzzco

The People of Fuzzco

Josh Nissenboim Josh Nissenboim

Josh Nissenboim (1981-1891)

Founder / Creative Director / Calculator

Josh plays a major role in the strategic, creative and technological phases of a project. His job is to dissect and interpret the essence of a project so to deliver its greatest potential. His unlimited appetite for the hypothetical feeds his tireless perfectionism.

Josh hails from St. Louis, MO where he spent many summers cutting grass with his dad and lots of time with the elderly at his mother's adult daycare center. He studied mathematics in college, plays competitive chess and bangs on the piano.

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Helen Rice Helen Rice

Helen Rice (1981 - 2081 and one day)

Founder / Creative Director / Orderizer

Helen leads creative efforts for Fuzzco on a range of client projects. She's the voice of Fuzzco's many social channels and spends a lot of time defining Fuzzco culture. Helen delights in mixing opposites and producing clean, organized work.

Helen was born in Charleston and studied studio art in college, with an emphasis on painting. She loves eating candy, running in the middle of the night, making art and catching lizards.

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Brandon Oxendine Brandon Oxendine

Brandon Oxendine (1988 - when he runs out of ointment)

Design Director, Boogie Board, Style Master

At first glance Brandon appears to be the most colorful member of the bunch, with clothes and hair a prismatic riot. Look a bit longer, however, and you'll see that he has the calm, quiet eyes of a forest doe. Brandon's skills run the gamut from lettering to illustration to interface design to front end development, and his perfectionism knows no bounds.

Brandon began his career at Fuzzco as a fresh-faced college grad before boomeranging to Design Kitchen in Chicago, Google in Mountain View, and then back home to the mothership.


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Blake Suarez Blake Suarez

Blake Suarez (1988 - never)

Design Director / Illustrator / Fish Feeder

Blake is a designer, illustrator, and an all around good-guy. He's garnered the most nicknames of anyone at Fuzzco - The Glue, Red Menace, Tube Top, Red Velvet, Turbo Arm, Cool Ranch... You get the point.

Prior to working at Fuzzco, Blake worked on projects for Warner Music, Patagonia, Hot Topic, Hugo Boss, Converse, Fiat, Fader Magazine, Hachette Publishing, SF Chamber of Commerce and the Virgin Group. When he's not designing or illustrating, Blake likes reading, biking, drinking coffee, saying "nuh-uh," gambling and getting stuck with bets that require him to run 100 miles in a month.

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Caleb Yarian Caleb Yarian

Caleb Yarian (deceased)

Account Manager / Brand Strategist / Aging Boy Genius

Caleb provides strategic, creative and communications project leadership, and he possesses an almost supernatural ability to understand and articulate ideas. He's a thinker with an overdeveloped attention to detail.

Caleb prepared for his role at Fuzzco by earning a master’s degree in linguistic anthropology from the University of Chicago and a law degree from NYU. No one encouraged him to do this but he did it anyway. Despite his intelligence, he somehow remains shockingly bad at poker of the non-strip variety.  

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Ryan Hubbard Ryan Hubbard

Ryan Hubbard (1989 - when major league baseball adds a 4th out)


Ryan's a designer and illustrator with experience in branding, identity and web design. Prior to working at Fuzzco he interned at 160over90 and worked with several magazines in various creative roles.

A proud corn-fed son of the Midwest, Ryan figured out how to survive in the relatively corn-free southeast. He's an impassioned baseball advocate, fan and opinionist. In his free time he enjoys eating, pondering the merits of facial hair and daydreaming about Bob Feller. Ryan's throat is always gurgling in a non-life threatening way, like a young warbler.

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Colin Pinegar Colin Pinegar

Colin Pinegar (1984 - 2059)


Colin's a designer pulling buckets out of a bottomless well of creativity. His last name rhymes with vinegar, though it's also okay to call him PINE-GAR. That sounds like a fish swimming in a still forest pool, which is actually pretty much what Colin is like. His way of thinking is a bit unexpected, often leading to very original ideas.

A proud vegetarian, Colin will also throw back a seltzer while the rest of us are rolling around in the gutter. He exists in a constant state of wondering whether he would be better off doing Aqua Zumba.

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Taylor Sanchez Taylor Sanchez

Taylor Sanchez (1983 - when she's fully cave aged)

Account Manager / Brand Strategist / Cheese Maker

Taylor gets in a submarine to think about you. When she resurfaces there are meaningful ideas, insights and implementation strategies barnacled to the vessel. Young as she is, Taylor previously spent 10 years at the Estee Lauder Companies, where she formulated product and service design opportunities for 28 global brands.

To quiet her thoughts, Taylor makes cheese and other eats. She has a degree in design and management from Parsons School of Design and often wears high heels to tower over her Fuzzco brethren.

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Cory Etzkorn Cory Etzkorn

Cory Etzkorn (1990 - the last year of the Third Age of Man)

Developer / Designer / Big Cat

After studying design at the University of Minnesota and working as a web developer in Minneapolis, Cory moved to Charleston to build the sites that make the world sing.

Cory once worked for three months on a Hawaiian coffee farm without touching the Internet. Amazing. We almost lost him last winter to a freezing death on a snow camping trip at the Canadian border. Delightful. His list of office nicknames rivals Blake’s in length, including such winners as Time Warp, Shuffles, Pudding Pants, and Frampton’s Flowers. Hilarious.

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Ben Jacobs Ben Jacobs

Ben Jacobs (1983 - Q1 of next fiscal year)

Project Manager / Tech Lead / Nick Burns

Ben makes computers do wonderful things and is happy to tell you about it, dropping as many puns as possible along the way. He worked at a dotcom in college, contracted on secret stuff for the D.O.D., and managed a team of 30 software developers at Blackbaud before joining us here at Fuzzco HQ.

A former member of the sheet metal worker’s union whose early sexual development was shaped by Claire Danes and X-Men comics, Ben once made it into the top eight at a Magic: The Gathering tournament.

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Bryan Couchman Bryan Couchman

Bryan Couchman (1988 - TBD)

Designer / Illustrator / Tennis Pro

Need something designed or illustrated, like by a professional? Cool, meet Bryan, designer and illustrator par excellence. He earned a BFA in graphic design then worked on advertising and branding and identity development for agencies in Texas and Oklahoma before joining us.

Bryan’s interests haven’t changed much since childhood but, let’s face it, motorcycles, outer space, and making things out of wood are still pretty rad. He knows seven different methods of whistling and currently suffers under the delusion that he is a champion bumper pool player.

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Allison Kane Allison Kane

Allison Kane (1989 - when the world runs out of hummus)


Allison is a keen project manager. Curious, thoughtful and direct, she keeps projects happy, healthy and moving forward. In her prior life she worked at Focus Features, promoting films like Moonrise Kingdom and Dallas Buyers Club. She was also a page at NBC Universal, just like Kenneth from 30 Rock.

Yet another red head in the Fuzzco brigade, Allison loves to eat, run and read, read, read. As a youngster, her tongue got stuck when she licked a frozen flagpole and the whole school watched her try to painfully peel herself free. If she could have any pet in the world, Allison would definitely not choose a frog (eek!).

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Ben Jack Ben Jack

Ben Jack (1987 - fades to black)


We always call him Ben Jack. Never Ben, never Jack. He takes photographs and makes movies, doing everything from directing to concepting to shooting to editing. Ben Jack is as happy directing a large crew as he is hanging out with a camera by the grease trap in your kitchen.

When not eating meals with Brandon, Ben Jack can be found binge watching TV shows in his couch fort. He goes to Europe for at least a week each year just to Instagram it. He delights in wearing shirts, is picky about food (he just really likes sandwiches) and knows a lot about Newtonian mechanics.

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Darrin Higgins Darrin Higgins

Darrin Higgins (1988 - not by plywood)

Designer / Man of Steel / Beat-maker

Darrin is a thoughtful and precise designer, whose can-do attitude and love of collaboration make him a joy to work with. He hails from the Midwest, where he spent stints in both rural Michigan and the-opposite-of-rural Chicago.

If playing pet roulette, Darrin, like many of us, would hope for a dog and especially not a large, aggressive reptile. When not designing Darrin loves playing the drums, listening to records, playing board games and eating stuffed foods.

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Carly Wright Carly Wright

Carly Wright (1991 - not yet)

Administrative Assistant / Greeter / Falcon

Carly pumps sanity and clearheadedness into the oft-chaotic atmosphere of our headquarters. She helps with everything, from managing print production to answering the phones to tending to the chickens to making salami salads in a style popular in the 1970s. In short, she does whatever is needed to keep the office purring.

When not caring for her Fuzzco brethren, Carly can be found straddling life's true extremes - she's either playing darts and drinking PBR or watching Pride and Prejudice in her pajamas with a cup of Lady Grey. One day she hopes to govern a rural farmstead, for which Fuzzco is the perfect training ground.

Liz Damrich Liz Damrich

Liz Damrich (1987 - MMLXXXVI)

Project Manager / Voice of Reason / Francophile

Liz is one of the more patient and considerate people you will meet. She asks great questions, does her homework and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Before moving to Charleston, Liz worked at SWELL in New York and managed accounts for Shopbop, Lancôme, Kate Spade, Harry Winston and Marie Claire, among many others.

When not working Liz likes to quaff a fine Burgundy, listen to old school jazz records, and obsessively rearrange her house. She’s always down for a marathon dinner or the casual jaunt to France. You just might see her walking her cat on a leash.

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