Fuzzco was recently given the opportunity to participate in 50 and 50: The State Mottos Project, where one designer is selected to represent each state. We got our beloved South Carolina.

The project was curated by Dan Cassaro of Young Jerks fame. We were honored to be in the company of some of the best designers in the US of A including: Always With Honor, Jessica Hische, Friends of Type, and Will Bryant, to name a few of the many.

The motto that we ran with (yes we have 2) was “While I Breathe, I Hope” the other being “Ready in Soul and Resource.”

“While I Breathe, I Hope.” Take a second and consider that, fellow South Carolinians.

This represented an opportunity to make a statement about the irony and  truth in our state’s motto.

“While I Breathe” holds the irony that parts of our state continue to have “failing or near failing grades [by the ALA] in particle (soot) and ozone (smog) air pollution.” (source)

“I Hope” represents the fact that 93% of South Carolinians are Christian, 1% are of a non-Christian faith and 6% are non-religious (source). This ranks SC as one of the most religious and least religiously diverse states in the country.

The poster is reversible, so please flip and enjoy.